Understated beauty

By Damita Lamont 22 September 2016

I was enjoying my wedding makeup trial when my beautician suggested “why don’t you wear false lashes on the big day”? She had just defined my eyes with mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow and I thought they looked beautiful, but somehow she thought they could look even better. It made me consider current makeup trends and how they blur the lines with reality.

Today’s trends are all about bigger, bolder and more pronounced. Contouring has been carving cheekbones into the faces of women who wouldn’t usually have them. Eyebrow threading and colouring has been giving thick, Egyptian-style brows to pale, Caucasian women. But the biggest craze of all is fake lashes - whether it is the subtle type, which features a few strategically placed lashes that are a couple of milimetres longer than the natural length, or the crazy Bratz-doll set of falsies.

Given my classic, understated taste I would never have considered false lashes, but having seen a friend wearing them on her special day I found myself tempted. She is one of those women who is naturally beautiful – she is tall and slender, has perfectly even skin, and a luscious mane of hair. While she clearly didn’t need any physical enhancements she told me that she went for fake lashes so her eyes would look more open in the photographs. And it had exactly the effect she was going for.

But nonetheless I am not sold. For me, the most important part of my wedding day is not having the photographs taken – it is that moment as I walk down the aisle to join my soon-to-be-husband and the moments that follow as we exchange our vows. And the last thing I want as I walk towards him is for him to not recognise me.

I know for a fact that when we one day look back at our wedding photographs we will only see a happy (and natural looking) couple and I certainly won’t be thinking “if only I had worn false lashes”.

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