A surprisingly beneficial trial

By Damita Lamont 06 October 2016

I was a bit surprised when a married friend of mine suggested I have a bouquet trial. Initially I thought it was a bit excessive (which is the way I also feel about things like rehearsal dinners and having two wedding dresses for the big day) but I eventually saw the value.

To put my reservations into context I should note that I am planning an interstate wedding - so I don’t have the time or money to travel for trials for every part of the wedding. I have left many things in the capable hands of the professionals, like giving the caterer a rough idea of the alternate drop meals I want but allowing them creative license. I have made smart choices that suit our style and I hope they turn out well.

But with a day of trials upcoming for my hair and makeup I thought “why not tack on a bouquet trial too”?

For many years now I have dreamed of walking down the aisle with a small bouquet of deep red roses held against my crisp white dress. As I entered the florist to see the trial bouquet my heart sang, as it was exactly what I had dreamed of.  Delicate, tasteful, elegant and classic.

The trial really cemented in my mind exactly what I would look like on the big day. I had recently chosen my dress, then had my hair and makeup trials, and now with the red roses it finished off my dream look. It was that final, perfect touch.

Call it trivial if you wish, but I am now filled with confidence after this trial as I know my look for the wedding day is exactly how I want it.  

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