Heirloom pieces

By Damita Lamont 03 November 2016

My love for family heirloom jewellery began when I was 12 years old. I was having a cup of tea and a biscuit with my great grandmother Gertrude when she took her eternity ring off her finger and said to me “here, I want you to have this”. She died just a year later and this delicate ring became an important link to my memories of her, so I started wearing it almost every day. 

I would often admire the ring, with it’s art-deco styling and diamonds embedded within it. It symbolised my love for her, and the importance of marriage. Somewhere in my heart this meaning went to work on me, and 15 years later when the love of my life proposed to me I knew exactly what ring I wanted.

I decided to design my own heirloom piece, in a similar art-deco style, that would be handed down through generations too.

I hope that one day my descendants will look down at this ring and remember me, just like how I do with my great grandmother.

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