• Blush pink is a beautiful, yet easy-to-match, shade for bridesmaids dresses. Prue Peters Photography.

My love for blush pink

By Damita Lamont 15 November 2016

It has been a long-held dream of mine to carry a small bouquet of deep red roses, wrapped in white satin ribbon, on my wedding day. This was one of my very first decisions I made when planning our wedding day - and I was thrilled with how quickly I made it.

Considering that searching bouquet inspiration online conjures up thousands of images - in a flurry of colour, texture and different styles - I was proud. Filled with confidence, I thought to myself “if all wedding planning is this simple, I will be fine”.

But I was wrong. It turns out red is a difficult colour to style with. I mentally trialed an endless amount of colour schemes for the rest of the bridal party – but I found that the result was either too boring or too clashing. But after many hours of trial and error, fabric swatches in tow, I finally found a colour that was neither of the above.

Blush pink is a mixture of baby pink and nude, making it the ideal accompaniment for a deep red. This type of pink, with its earthy nature and light-hue, was simple yet beautiful. I can highly recommend this hue for your bridesmaid dresses if, like me, you are struggling to match with a tricky colour. It truly is a hidden gem.

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