• Having the wedding and reception in the same location can make couples feel relaxed, like they are "putting their feet up". Ashleigh Louise Photography.

Avoiding the rush

By Damita Lamont 22 November 2016

I have been a bridesmaid in two weddings so far and I was surprised, and thoroughly exhausted, from all the travelling involved. Not only are you up at dawn sculling a triple-shot latte, before rushing to your hair and makeup appointment – then you rush to have lunch and get changed for the wedding. And this is only the start of the day's festivities.

After the ceremony we were all bundled into a vintage car and driven around to multiple locations for “artsy” photographs. I actually had to get the waiters to bring me coffee at one reception instead of champagne, so I would make it through the night.

So with this in mind I am determined to create a rush-free wedding and I think the key will be having a dual venue for the wedding and reception.

Our wedding is shaping up to be a truly relaxing affair. We are having the ceremony in a beautiful garden, with flowers surrounding us and a sparkling river behind us. The gardens are so extensive and have so many features that we will not have to travel more than 100 metres for all our photographs. Then the reception is in a beautiful building, just a short stroll away from the garden.

We all have our own definition of paradise, but for an exhausted bride-to-be like myself this is pure bliss.

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