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Boring or fuss-free?

By Damita Lamont 06 December 2016

Call me boring if you will but I truly love alternate-drop catering. You choose two delicious meals for a dinner – one a little richer and more decadent, and one fresher and lighter – then alternate them around the tables.

It is so easy because if you don’t like your meal you trade it, and there is always a willing party. Of course I know that once the chef factors in the vegans, vegetarians, gluten free and lactose-intolerants – it is more like an “alternate drop of five dishes”. But surely with all the catering options out there now it is still simpler for both the couple, and the chefs, to coordinate than others.

There are so many catering options available right now: like the three-course sit-down meals, buffet style arrangements, cocktail-style nibbles, candy bars, and more. I am all for individuality, but I wonder if in the search for it that people waste a little too much time and energy.

Weddings are full of tough decisions, and the styling ones alone can send people into a frenzy, so why make things harder than they should be? So with that in mind, we have chosen our favourite two dishes for the wedding meals and we couldn’t be happier.

Simple, fuss-free and delicious. 

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