Big is not better

By Damita Lamont 13 December 2016

In today’s world of “the bigger the better” jewels, large (and subsequently tacky) seems to be the fashion. People are going for huge, multi-carat rocks with a smattering of smaller ones surrounding them – then adding more bling through their wedding and eternity bands.

Often, down the track, many wives also update their rings with even more diamonds as a “present” for a major anniversary. I can’t help but roll my eyes at this modern trend as seriously, “when is enough, enough”?

Fortunately for me (and my fiancé’s bank account) I have never been one to follow trends. My style has always been classic, understated and feminine – so it is no surprise my engagement ring matches this. 

I chose to design my ring, as it has always been my dream to create an heirloom piece. My beautiful, art-deco style ring has the highest quality centre diamond I could find and an elegant filigree design on the shoulders. It is everything I have dreamed of and more – tasteful, classy, timeless (and not OTT like modern trends).

I encourage any fiancé-to-be to consider their engagement ring properly, and to choose one that suits them as a person, not one that is on-trend. Because trends come and go, but an engagement ring will stay in your life forever.   

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